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Robo is a simple programming language that allows you to get introduced to the principles of computer programming. Besides an introduction to popular control structures, you'll obtain insight in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence.

To make sure you can get started quickly with the topics that really care, a new programming language named Robo is introduced. It's a comprehensive language, dedicated to programming a robot. Still it's powerful enough to create lots of interesting programs. Also the principles you'll encounter form the core to most other programming languages.

The RoboMind development environment allows you to write programs that will be performed by a simulated robot. It consists of the following parts:

Script panel

In this text area you can write down your task in the form of a script that the robot will perform.

World panel

Here you see the current state of the robot in its environment. Because this is the entire environment in which the robot lives, we'll just call it the world.

Run panel

Once you have decided what the script is, here you're able to let the robot get started (or stopped). It's also possible to tune the speed in which the robot operates.

Message panel

In case the script is awkward, you'll receive compile errors over here. It's also the place where the robot may notify certain events.



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