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μια νέα εισαγωγή στον προγραμματισμό

To RoboMind είναι μία νέα, δωρεάν και πολύ απλή εκπαιδευτική γλώσσα προγραμματισμού για αρχάριους χρήστες, που θα σας εξοικειώσει  με τα βασικά του προγραμματισμού μέσα από ένα διασκεδαστικό γραφικό περιβάλλον δίνοντας εντολές σε ένα ρομπότ. 
Εκτός από την εισαγωγή σε δημοφιλείς τεχνικές προγραμματισμού, θα πάρετε ιδέες για το πως λειτουργεί η ρομποτική και η τεχνητή νοημοσύνη.

RoboMind's Greek interface

ROBO is designed in such a way that you can start exploring and programming right away. A special programming language has been created that consists of a concise set of rules and is aimed at programming a robot. As a result there are a lot of opportunities to create programs on your own and experience the principles that lay at the heart of most other programming languages.

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At this moment, only the application itself is available in Greek. That means that the user interface and commands are translated. See for example the screenshot and documentation.
For further information about RoboMind, visit the English section of this site.

version 7.0

RoboMind 7.0 is improved. Read what's new and upgrade now!


RoboMind Academy offers a completely online curriculum, including challenges, presentations, and hints. It also works on mobile devices. Take me there!

Some nice features of RoboMind are:

Start right away: the programming language and environment are very easy to understand and can be used instantly.

No dependencies like external development environments and compilers that make things complicated

Safety: the programs that will be made cannot harm your computer in any way.

Ideal for projects: ROBO is simply a very ideal choice for interdisciplinary projects or computer science/technical courses.

"I can think of no other body of practice / approach to teaching and learning that is more perfect for today's students than Robotics. The only drawback I can think of is the expense of purchasing robotics kits, something that can put this highly accessible approach beyond the grasp of so many schools. Fortunately, there are virtual robotics programs which allow for much of the concepts and content to be learned without actually building robots in the real world.
Here's an item this morning's surfing turned up. Looks like a gem waiting to be discovered by the world of Education."

— Mark Gura

"Look, I programmed a robot that has a will on its own! It totally doesn't do what I want!"

— Dick Huijser


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