A glimpse into the future

RoboMind Roadmap

We are working on a major new release of RoboMind. RoboMind has proven to be a motivating and successful way to train computational thinking all over the world for many years now. Still be prepared for some radical improvements!

Some of the new features that will be included in the next generation of RoboMind...

A fully web based environment

Create, run and test your RoboMind scripts in your browser. That means:

  • No need to install the software on your computer or school network
  • Access to your creations anywhere
  • Always work with the latest and greatest version

rm cloud

Tablet proof

Want to program on your Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows tablet or phone? The next RoboMind will be ready for it. Of course desktop computers are still included in the party as well...


Complete courses with Diplomas

Get started with logic, programming and robotics by following a complete curriculum, including movies, background information and, of course, programming exercises. An intelligent feedback system will guide you through the courses. That will give students the necessary structure and teachers some air.

Since progress will be validated, we can celebrate your achievements with an official RoboMind diploma for each level you reach.

Release date

Third quarter of this year. More details will follow!


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