Please help translating

Please help translating RoboMind
to your native language!

In order to keep the learning curve for pupils as low as possible, translation of the software and documentation to your native language is more than welcome. Programming is already hard enough, so putting effort in understanding what is meant should be avoided.

At this moment RoboMind is available in 24 languages:

According to the language statistics of Wikipedia, 3.5 billion people can use RoboMind in his/her native language. This is 50% of the world population. This is a nice achievement, but we are not there yet. You can help supporting other languages at several levels.

  1. Most important is the translation of the application, so pupils are presented an easy interface.
  2. Documentation of the help pages as are available online is a second step.
  3. Translation of these webpages and educational material is a last step.

Translation of the first step consists of around 300 lines. Two language files are involved:

  • contains the strings for the user interface of the application, e.g. "File", "Edit", etc. See for example the English definition:
  • contains the Robo script language definition, e.g. "forward" and "repeatWhile". See for example the English definition:

multiple code languages

Both files contain rules of the form "InternalString=Actual text as presented" where the right-hand-side should be translated. They can be edited with any text editor, like NotePad or WordPad.

Please contact us if you want to participate so that the translation becomes available in the next release. Sources for other documents are also available on request.


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