RoboMind is developed at the Research Kitchen, based in Delft, The Netherlands.


Arvid Halma

  Arvid graduated with honor in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. The way we think about machines has always intrigued him. He enjoys teaching fundamental knowledge to all age groups. Besides that mathematics, cooking and oil painting keep him busy.

Ernst Bovenkamp

Ernst is an Electrical Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. He worked on many engineering problems and hopes to inspire others to also consider a technical career. Otherwise he is known as a competitive triathlete.

Jan van Oorschot

Jan is a former Associate Professor from the Technical University Delft who specialises in computer networking and software development. Always interested in education he works on educational virtual worlds and community driven teaching environments. Woodworking and golf take up any free time.


Thanks to the following translators, the software is available in many languages, making it accesible to student all over the world:

Arabic Hend Al-Khalifa
Bengali Arnab Chakraborty
Bulgarian Anton Ouzounov
Catalan Roger Rué
Chinese Bodechang
Czech Zdeněk Chalupský 
French Olivier Lemaitre,
Hervé Briard,
Michel Drolet-Gravel
German Marcel Kirsch,
Jörg Kokorsch
Greek Panos Eracleous
Hebrew Andreas Klein
Hungarian Zsolt Magyari-Sáska
Indonesian Mizwar Fahri Doni
Italian Nicola Esposito
Japanese Junichi Ito
Korean WonYoung Chang
Polish Monika Grybel
Portuguese Fabiane Barreto Vavassori Benitti
Russian Alexander Bondarev
Slovak Matúš Pálfi,
Zuzana Tkáčová
Slovenian Miha Kočar
Spanish Rogelio Lavenant Jimenez,
Maria Cruz Marcos Suárez
Swedish Adam Troy
Thai Suwat Kanjanavathang
Turkish Kerim Kürşat Güney,
Küçük Ahmet
Ukrainian Grygorij Gromko

The following people functionality in the form of software libraries or installers for a better user experience:

  • Kirill Grouchnikov for the Substance look and feel.
  • Tango Desktop team for most of the icons.
  • Coen van Leeuwen and Chris Leung for the Mac OS startup script.
  • Al Butler for the MSI installer.
  • Jonathan Clark for some of the textures.
  • Jordan Russel for the Inno Setup compiler.
  • Grzegorz Kowal for Launch4j.

RoboMind - Copyright © 2005 - 2016 - Research Kitchen