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ROBO is a new and very simple educational programming language that will familiarize you with the basics of computer science. You will also be introduced into popular programming techniques, and you will gain an insight into areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence. These skills will be gained by creating programs for a robot.

The robot

The robot is capable of performing several actions. It can drive, look around, move items and paint. This can all be done in different environments that are made up of blocks.

The ROBO programming language

ROBO is designed in such a way that you can start exploring and programming right away. A special language has been written that consists of a concise set of rules and is aimed at programming a robot. As a result there are a lot of opportunities to create your own programs and experience the principles that lay at the heart of most other programming languages.

A comparison with LOGO

In the past, the language LOGO was mainly used for educational purposes. In LOGO a turtle could be moved across the screen to make drawings. Due to the lack of interactivity between the turtle and its environment, only rather dull programs could be made. Even more, most LOGO implementations suffered from the lack of a user-friendly programming environment. As a result the syntax of ROBO has been made far more conventional these days, than that of LOGO, which dates back to 1967.

To give you an impression of a program in ROBO, please have a look at the script below, which will program the robot to paint a square.

all actions

# Draw a square

Technically speaking, ROBO is an imperative/procedural programming language, that form the vast majority within computer science. The language consist of a number of basic instructions to control the robot, repetition loops, conditional if...then...else statements, the possibility to define instructions yourself by creating procedures. Procedures are allowed to be defined recursively. You can read more about the primary actions of the robot at Documentation > Basic instructions, and more about the grammatical constructs at Documentation > Programming structures.

Target audience

RoboMind is meant to be a first introduction to automation and programming without prerequisites. Because many different exercises can be made, the difficulty level can be tailored to the audience. In primary education pupils can get acquainted to writing commands to navigate the robot through its environment, on high school programming structures get more attention and universities focus on the theoretical aspects of automation theory like Turing machines.

The integrated RoboMind development environment

The RoboMind development environment offers everything that you need in order to write, test and successfully execute programs.

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