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Programming structures
Example programs
Lego NXT support
Lego EV3 support
Sparki support


Some more advanced details about RoboMind for instructors and developers can be found below.

Creating maps

This document briefly explains the file format of maps for RoboMind, so you are
able to create or modify them yourself.

pdf RoboMind .MAP format [1.64 MB]

But you can also use online map editor.

RoboMind Keyboard Shortcuts

In the RoboMind you can make use of the following combinations of keystrokes to program your robot even faster...

Keystroke combination Action
[Ctrl]+S Save script
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+S Save script under a different name
[Ctrl]+O Open a script
[Ctrl]+M Open another map
[Ctrl]+E Export a script to a robot
[Ctrl]+Q Quit RoboMind
[Ctrl]+C Copy selected text in a script
[Ctrl]+V Paste copied text in a script
[Ctrl]+X Cut selected text in a script
[Ctrl]+[Space] Insert command/complete code
[Tab] Indent selected code
[Shift]+[Tab] Outdent selected code
[Ctrl]+/ Comment selected code
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+/ Uncomment selected code
[Ctrl]+D Duplicate selected lines
[Shift]+[Delete] Delete selected lines
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[arrow] Move selected lines
[Ctrl]+T Toggle robot tracking in monitor
[Ctrl]+G Toggle grid view in monitor
[Ctrl]+W Toggle radar world view in monitor
[Ctrl]+J Toggle statistics view in monitor
[F1] Display documentation in browser
[F5] Run script
[F6] Run a single step/command
[F8] Toggle visibility of clouds
[F9] Toggle coordinates when grid is shown







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