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Lego Mindstorms EV3 support

With RoboMind version 6.0 or higher it is now also possible to run your scripts on Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots. It is a little bit more complicated than the NXT export, but if you follow the steps described below you will also be able to quickly test your RoboMind script on an EV3 bot in the real world :-)

RoboMind Lego NXT support

Build a Lego Robot

To build a basic robot with light and range sensors you can use these building instructions.

Lego NXT bot

Yes, this picture still shows the NXT brick, but the EV3 will fit in nicely as well.

The robot will be able to listen to forward(n), backward(n), left, right commands. By default the motors are assumed to be connected to inputs B and C!

With a connected ultrasonic sensor (by default on input 4) it will also be able to deal with front|right|left-Is-Clear|Obstacle commands in conditions.

Similarly with a light or color sensor (by default on input 1) it will also be able to deal with front|right|left-Is-Black|white commands in conditions.

Prepare your EV3 robot for RoboMind export

You will need to prepare your Lego EV3 robot before you can export programs to it. To this end you will need to prepare a bootable disk for the EV3 robot. After that you can use RoboMind programs on the EV3 robot by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable, pushing the “Export” button in RoboMind and selecting the EV3 export script. This will upload your program to the EV3 and your robot will be ready to go!

  • All steps necessary to prepare your EV3 for the RoboMind export are described in detail in this manual
  • The RoboMind export to the EV3 is based on the software provided by MonoBrick
  • Note that RoboMind Lego EV3 support is currently only available for Windows

Choose a suitable RoboMind Skin

Of course you want to program in style when dealing with you LEGO robots. Therefore you can select a Lego Skin in the File > Setting > View menu. When you restart RoboMind the world looks more appropriate.

Lego skin

Give it a go!

Suppose you have a working script. For instance something like the script below:



  1. First connect the EV3 bot with USB to your computer.
  2. Now select Export in the RoboMind application menu ...
  3. Select the EV3BotWindows.cs template and press OK.
  4. On the EV3 robot select the RoboMind program and execute it. That's it!



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