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Lego Mindstorms NXT support

With RoboMind version 4.0 or higher it is possible to run your scripts not only on screen but also on Lego Mindstorms robots. This means that you can quickly test your script with RoboMind and then run it in the real world.

RoboMind Lego NXT support

A little video demonstration

Initial support

Currently the basic robot as described in the manual that comes with the NXT 2.0 kit is supported. Building instructions can also be found on the LEGO NXT site.

Lego NXT bot

The NXT but will listen to forward(n), backward(n), left, right commands. When you connect the ultrasonic sensor to sensor input 4 and place it at the front, it will also listen to the front|right|left-Is-Clear|Obstacle commands in conditions.

You will need to have the LEGO NXT drivers installed which come with the software provided with the NXT kit. There is no need, by the way, to install the entire development environment: just installing the "Fantom driver" is fine. You can also download the LEGO NXT drivers from the Lego site.

Note that RoboMind Lego NXT support is currently only available for Windows. OSX and Linux support will follow.

Suitable RoboMind Skin

Of course you want to program in style when dealing with you LEGO robots. Therefore you can select a Lego Skin in the File > Setting > View menu. When you restart RoboMind the world looks more appropriate.

Lego skin

Give it a go!

Suppose you have a working script. For instance something like the script below:


  1. First connect the NXT bot with USB to your computer.
  2. Now select Export in the RoboMind application menu ...
  3. Select the NXTbot.nxc template and press OK.
  4. On the NXT robot select the RoboMind program and execute it. That's it!



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