Download RoboMind Desktop Software

Version OS Size Download
RoboMind 6.0.1
.exe installer
Windows XP/7/8 60 MB
RoboMind 5.3
.dmg image (v6.0 will arrive soon)
Mac OS X, 10.7+ 87 MB
RoboMind 6.0.1
.zip archive
Install the latest Java
Linux (OS independent)
see readme.txt
45 MB

30 day free trial

To use RoboMind for a free 30 day trial period follow the next steps:

  1. Create a free RoboMind Academy account
  2. Sign in to the RoboMind Academy and generate a license key for the RoboMind Desktop Software on your profile page
  3. Install and run the RoboMind Desktop Software (download above)
  4. Fill in the RoboMind license key you just generated

How to install RoboMind Desktop software

Pricing info

Buy your vouchers at the RoboMind Academy for access to our online educational materials and complete courses, or for a license for the RoboMind Desktop software

RoboMind Desktop License (offline) RoboMind Academy Student Account (online)
Price per account per year USD 14.00
(GBP 9.00, EUR 10.00)
USD 7.00
(GBP 4.50, EUR 5.00)

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