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RoboMind is meant to be a first introduction to automation and programming without prerequisites. Because many different exercises can be made, the difficulty level can be tailored to the audience. In primary education pupils can get acquainted to writing commands to navigate the robot through its environment, on high school programming structures get more attention and universities focus on the theoretical aspects of automation theory like Turing machines. So from K-12 to infinity.

RoboMind at Schools

RoboMind is used all over the world by now and indeed serves students from all ages. A selection of schools that use RoboMind in their curriculum is:

  • UK Titus Salt School

  • UK Maidstone Girls Grammar School

  • UK Kings International School

  • UK Katherin Lady Berkeley School

Schools outside the United Kingdom, include:

  • USA USA, McKinney Boyd High School
  • Belgium Belgium, Erasmushogeschool Brussel
  • Thailand Thailand, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
  • Netherlands The Netherlands, Amstel College
  • Brazil Brazil, Universidade Estadual Paulista


Presentation for a first course

This presentation can be used as a guide to introduce RoboMind. It covers instructing machines to make them do what you want. It also shows that it can be handy to give these instructions in the form of a written script.

pdf RoboMind Introduction [PDF, 263 KB]

Also available in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Example exercises

If you want to learn programming, it's not only important to read about it, but even more important to begin hacking from the start.

Here you will find a set of example exercises to start with. Those come in several degrees of difficulty. Some of them are simple and can be solved rather quickly, others require you dive into the documentation more thoroughly and ponder a while.

This set of exercises are mainly meant to inspire teachers to create exercises themselves. Solutions are not available online, but can be requested by mail to prevent students from using.

pdf Robo Exercise Set 1 [PDF, 85 KB]

zip Robo Exercise Set 1 PDF including the required maps [ZIP, 85 KB]



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